At Food Enforcer, We Love Food.
We love the restaurant industry, and we’re very excited by the development of new technologies that allow people to expand their culinary horizons on their own terms. Comprehensive online food reviews were the start – instead of having to depend on “professional critics”, ordinary people had a platform they could use to talk about food.

Food delivery used to be the exclusive domain of pizza joints and Chinese food. Today, with services like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and countless others springing up, it’s possible to eat just about any kind of food in the comfort of your own home.


40% of potential customers don’t trust delivered food! They’re worried that something could happen to it in transit.

This is Unacceptable to Us
We developed Food Enforcer to combat the threat of food tampering. Our patent-pending system of tamper-evident labels is the easiest way to ensure that the food people order is delivered without anything added or taken away.

We know customers will trust our system – it’s worked wonders in other industries. And we know that restaurants will appreciate the boost in sales they’ll get, when they start tapping in to the 4 in 10 customers they can’t reach without us.