Food Enforcer was developed to address a problem within the food delivery business.

The problem, affecting both restaurants and their customers, is the issue of security while food is in transit. Food delivery is relatively unregulated, and even when a business runs their own service, they can’t watch their personnel the whole time. Today, third party delivery services are cropping up everywhere, leading to further worries about what can, and does, happen to customer orders on the way to their door.

Actual online quote:
“I deliver food and as long your tip is over 3 dollars your food is in good hands. If it’s over 5 your food will be the first to get delivered next time you order. We remember all the addresses and how much tip, if we don’t remember you that means you tip good. If we remember you that means your tip was really good or really bad. If you don’t tip and you’re missing some food that means I was making up for the tip by eating it. Won’t spit or mess with your food unless you ask for pennies back.”

This statement, from an anonymous delivery person, illustrates the problem perfectly. Your potential customers can go online and read stories like this, and be forever turned off of home delivery.

Statistics show that 4 in 10 people will never have their food delivered, because they are concerned about food tampering.


Our Solution is Simple and Effective
Food Enforcer puts an end to Food Tampering. We provide tamper-evident labels to restaurants, so they can be placed on delivery packaging before they are handed over to the delivery person.

If anyone tries to get into the package, the label will be destroyed, and it will show clearly that the package has been tampered with.

Our research shows that customers are familiar with this sort of label – they’ve seen them on pharmaceuticals for decades now, and have come to trust them.